Transform Workouts into Deeply Immersive Games You Play
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The foundation for the VReeMotion experience is our platform which uses full motion simulation combined with a sophisticated sweat management system and controls with high fidelity feedback that not only deliver a deeply immersive experience, but has none of the nausea issues that plague many VR games.

As such, our players can travel freely while in-game without any symptoms of motion sickness, all while being convinced they are actually inside the virtual worlds we create for them.​​

Deeply Immersive Experience
Our platform will deliver a true "sense of presence" to the expereince - everything the players do in real life is translated to the game while they see, hear and FEEL everthing that is happening in the game. 
Sweat Management
 Sweat is good, but when it compromises the comfort of the VR headset it detracts from the immersive experience. Our approach is a multi-tiered system and mitigates the problem while adding a additional enhancements to the immersiveness.
Full Motion and Controller Simulation
Simulation is at the core of our platform. Humans are incredibly sensitive to the slightest sensation of any movement and we make sure our player feel every detail of what they are doing in-game. Accurate feedback from the controls are also essential, pedaling and steering must feel as real as possible.
Intense Gameplay
Compelling games are critical to player experience and we are developing games that are not only visually stunning, but have detailed gameplay that drives players to intense performance.
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