Our Vision

Addictive Exercise

What if your workout routine was so much fun that its wasn't just habit-forming, but actually became addictive? What would it be like to play to get fit?

We see a future where instead of enduring the tedium of a health club or using a spinning instructor’s “motivation” as a distraction, you use your phone to manage sessions at VReeMotion. These local boutique fitness studios where you "lose yourself" in other worlds having intense experiences playing deeply immersive games solo or in teams where you race, explore or battle using our platform.
A strategist, innovator and designer with over 20 years of experience at creative concept development and effective design. David's expertise reaches across business strategy, innovative technology and goal-directed design with extensive experience in delivering immersive experiences. Technologies such as virtual reality, motion simulation, natural control systems and game engines are all part of his toolkit.
David Ellzey
CEO / Head of Design